Tanning Offers More Health Benefits Than Most Might Imagine

As more and more people today strive to achieve highest levels of health they are looking for new and innovative ways to accomplish this goal. As such, exploring all modern tanning has to offer as a way to increase overall levels of health is worth considering. There have been many studies and much research done in recent years that all point to tanning being a healthy way to create greater levels of overall health and wellness. This includes the tanning offered by indoor tanning treatments.

Scientifically Shown To Reduce Pain

One clear example of tanning offering great potential with regard to pain relief is a recent study done by a major university. The results of the study clearly show that fibromyalgia patients can experience noticeable pain relief by taking full advantage of all that a tanning bed makes possible. The ultraviolet light produced by a tanning bed has been scientifically shown to reduce pain. This is quite impressive and offers those with fibromyalgia and other similar types of conditions another option for relieving ongoing and chronic pain.

Counterproductive To Overall Long-Term Health

Other studies have also shown that back pain can be mitigated and alleviated by simply participating in regular and routine tanning. Whether indoor or outdoor, the evidence is clear and that is that tanning does indeed have an effect on pain. Another important consideration with regard to tanning and health is the controversy associated with the use of chemical sunscreens. In short, there is ample scientific and medical evidence that supports the fact that sunscreens can actually be counterproductive to overall long-term health. This is especially true with regard to its effects on children.

Effectively Marketed Sunscreen

In the simplest of terms, depriving the body of natural sunlight through the use of chemical sunscreens not only deprives the body of sunlight but also exposes the body to dangerous and sometimes toxic chemicals. Large cosmetic companies have effectively marketed sunscreen as a way to generating billions of dollars in revenue over the last decades. This is perhaps why so many people choose to use sunscreen today. In truth, getting adequate sunlight is a healthy and rewarding experience. Take full advantage of all the tanning has to offer by contacting or visiting Solarius Spa today.

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