You want to look your best for every occasion and Solarius will ensure you do. Solarius Light Therapy Spas’ pricing and technology options make it easy and affordable. Whether tanning for a special occasion, vacation or lifestyle, there are five distinctly different tanning technologies available to accommodate your specific goal. Solarius offers over three-hundred pricing options to custom tailor your tanning needs. With so many choices, pricing can be complicated to understand, however, with our guidance we will simplify the process and make it easy for you to look your best.

If all tanning salons in Albuquerque were the same, then pricing would be the only thing that mattered. Truth is, most Albuquerque tanning salons are the same with the exception of only one distinguishable company named Solarius. Solarius, has and continues to be set apart from the average tanning Albuquerque offers.

Tanning salons in Albuquerque were virtually unheard of when Solarius began the journey in 1985. In those days people wondered if tanning from a machine was possible, much less an entire business dedicated for the sole purpose of bronzing skin. Only one Albuquerque tanning salon existed at the time Solarius was imagined, and that salon featured tanning beds with sixty-minute exposure times.

In 1985 Solarius presented Albuquerque tanning with the first thirty-minute tanning machines making it possible to tan in half the normal time of the predecessor. Then in 1988 Solarius introduced the first twenty-minute tanning systems making it possible to tan in two-thirds the normal time.

In 1995 Solarius brought to Albuquerque the worlds first twelve-minute tanning system capable of establishing a complete base tan in one-fifth the amount of time it takes in a conventional twenty-minute tanning bed. These all new systems feature eleven-thousand watts of tanning output and make it possible for fairer and darker skin types to tan more effectively while being more gentle than conventional beds. These systems cost five times more than a conventional tanning bed at $40,000 but the value to the end user is undeniably better.

In 1998 Solarius brought the worlds first patented automated spray-on tanning system called Mystic Tan to New Mexico. This method of tanning was a completely new category of tanning never before seen. Solarius has sixteen years of experience mastering your spray tanning process, and trust us it matters. Ever seen orange colored people with odd streaks on their skin? We guarantee your result will be the very best it can be, orange and streak free.

In 2005 Solarius introduced the latest innovation in tanning technology. The $40,000 Italian engineered and designed tanning system makes it possible for you to achieve a beautiful tan in only thirty to forty-five minutes of total exposure. Because these new systems are gentle and yet fast, maintaining your result requires only one session every ten to fifteen days. Your time is valuable and you want the very best tanning technology in a beautiful environment with expert care. Solarius has been tanning Albuquerque that way since 1985.

“[Solarius is] awesome you have to try it. Best tanning concept yet.”
~Janna Roberts