Facial LED Red Light Therapy in Albuquerque / Solarius Spa

Safe, convenient and clinically proven – Solarius Omnilux Lumière Light Thèrapie treatments harmonize with the body’s own natural processes to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You can achieve firmer, cleaner and softer skin. Correct the signs of aging by producing collagen, elastin, and healthful enzymes that support the skin.

Buyer beware! There are imposters in the world of RED light therapy.

Unfortunately, like so many things in life, once a technology has been proven, knock offs’ come in to the scene promising claims based upon what is real, tested and true. These knock offs’ are based on the idea of the original proven technology, but poorly executed.

One such imposter comes in the form of “full body red light therapy” that utilizes florescent tubes which emit a red colored light tone. The color of the light is not the equivalent light energy emitted from a light emitting diode or LED. It is a well understood fact, florescent tubes can not produce the stable light spectrum as LED’s because of the variables existing in the production and application of said tubes.

All fluorescent tube lights inherently are off by +/- 10% of their original specifications and that can further vary wildly by the equipment they are installed in. Variables include, power supply, proximity of the lamp to the body, acrylic shields, reflectors, temperature, and age of bulb. These variables cause the necessary spectrum (633 nanometers) to become an entirely different spectrum. Currently, those variables have not been resolved with fluorescent tube type offerings and therefore do not produce verifiable stability in output.

Therefore, these offerings are not true therapies at all, but rather an attempt to capture the unsuspecting user with a marketing message taken from real world LED results. To date there is no science proving results whatsoever from these types of products. Furthermore, the FDA has prohibited the use and or modification of such products until they have been proven they are not harmful and or produce results being claimed by marketing messages.

Please See: http://www.fda.gov/MedicalDevices/ResourcesforYou/…

Contrast with truth: http://download.lifvation.com/Omnilux_MedicalProtocolBooklet.pdf

A tanning bed/standing unit converted in to a “Red Light therapy” machine is not and cannot be sold as the equivalent type of product such as Solarius’ Omnilux Lumière device that has set the standard and been approved by government authorities. Ethically, Solarius would not therefore on that basis alone offer such an unproven product.

What about RED Light therapy LED masks and hand held LED home devices?

Once again, right idea wrong execution! One of the key factors of RED Light Therapy is not only the precise spectrum of 633 nanometers of light, but also the amount of light emitted. New LED facial masks promising real results have the marketing message correct, however lack the necessary output needed to make the therapy effective.

Because these units have a minimal amount of output, (too few light emitting diodes- LED’s) they cannot produce an effective result.

There are two variables at work here. One is the right kind of light. These devices claim to have the right light spectrum. The other is the amount of light energy being dispensed.

Too little output means the end user will have to expose themselves for extremely long sessions to have an effective dose of light energy. What is long session? How about 6 to 8 hours? Even with long exposure times, the inadequate amount of LED’s are such that effective results are virtually unmeasurable.

“I have been tanning at Solarius over a year, and the service is just as professional today as it was the first day I signed up.
~Barbara M. Wood