The Science of Solarius Tanning
Quartz Lamp Technology

Solarius Solarix Tanning utilizes Quartz lamp technology. With 10 times the amount light energy, Quartz lamps safely generate higher amounts of ultraviolet light (UV), specifically that of UVA, typically recognized as the “tanning light.” With higher amounts of the “tanning light” UVA, Solarius Solarix Tanning then uses a specialized glass filter, blocking other unwanted wave lengths of the UV spectrum.

By limiting the amount of undesirable wavelengths of UV, specifically UVB which is known to increase your skin’s sloughing rate, Solarius Solarix Tanning allows your body to maintain its normal sloughing rate which occurs naturally every 28 days.

Quartz Lamp Technology

This technology provides maximum amounts of light energy carefully filtered with very sophisticated lens glass. This filter glass allows only the best portions of the light spectrum to affect your skin for an ideally gentle and effective result. Longer lasting tans are achieved by using less UVB light, which does not change the rate at which your skin sloughs.

Tan 10 times faster, and obtain a tan that lasts 10 times longer than conventional tanning beds. By using higher standards of wattage, approximately 23,000 watts, our Solarix tanning system uses the most gentle portions of the the tanning spectrum responsible for creating a natural tan without the negative effects commonly associated with achieving and maintaining a tan.

Conventional Tanning

In contrast to Solarix technology, conventional tanning equipment requires the use of higher amounts of UVB therefore causing your skin to slough 2 to 3 times faster than normal. This reaction, while not harmful to the skin, will cause your tan to fade quickly and require more tanning sessions to keep your skin tanned.

While conventional tanning beds are a common method for tanning, they produce lower amounts of the “tanning light,” UVA – requiring longer exposure times and more sessions. And, higher amounts of the “exfoliating light,” UVB – triples the body’s sloughing rate making your skin feel unusually dry and taut.

Conventional tanning beds require longer exposure times and more sessions because there is less light energy available to the user.

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