Perfect Spray Tan in Albuquerque / Solarius Spa

For immediate results and the look you want, experience the Revolutionary Solarius Precision Express. You want a natural looking tan. No streaks. No orange color. Solarius Precision Express system gives you personalized pricing options, walk-in service, and natural looking color when you want it.

Your event is too significant to chance with inexperienced providers or old solution. It’s not uncommon to hear of or see bad sunless tanning results. That’s why Solarius certifies our consultants to understand different skin types, and recommend the exact amount of fresh solution to be applied. Too much solution results in an over-done result (which looks orange) and too little solution is a waste of your time and money. Old solution causes you to turn green, literally.

A spray tan in Albuquerque may seem like a strange notion considering the area is noted for 300 plus annual days of sunshine. However, not everyone has time for the basking or the skin to tolerate the intensity of our sun. Skin care in Albuquerque is an oxymoron given our dry climate and proximity to the sun. Albuquerque tanning outside is a challenging proposition no matter what your skin type because the sun is unpredictable. With all the variables above, a spray tan in Albuquerque is a viable option for many individuals seeking a healthy looking glow.

Solarius has been spray tanning Albuquerque for more than 20 years! We provide expert care and guarantee your results with every session. Stop by our location today for a personalized consultation that includes pricing options without sales tactics. The single session rate is $59.00 per visit, or less based upon your choice of many programs designed to work with your unique lifestyle.

Precision Express Sunless Spray Tanning

A revolutionary advancement in the world of automated sunless tanning Albuquerque. Solarius brings you a revolutionary application process combined with an exclusive sunless product which is Alcohol Free, Oil Free, Fragrance Fee and Organic. We guarantee our exclusive formula is 100% Hypoallergenic.

You can shower within 1.5 – 3 hours after initial spray, however, if you choose to do this, you will reduce the result to a lesser degree than what it could have been should you have waited up to 24 hours. And, because of our quick setting times, it means you can live a beautiful tanned life without concern of ruining your result from accidental exposure to moisture, sweat or a kiss from your loved ones. As with all of our services, we guarantee your flawless results.

Precision Express Easy To Use

Our Certified Staff will skin types you and prescribe the best sunless formula to compliment your unique skin tone.

Step into the open (not enclosed) warm environment, press the start button, and the Precision Express does the rest.

Infrared Body Scanner registers your unique body parameters for a personalized custom spray.

Your unique sunless spray session is complete in 3.5 minutes. Do a quick buff and you’re ready to go!

Precision Express The Science of Sunless

Guests can live an almost normal life with our Precision Express Sunless spray tan. Most complaints about spray tanning are about the inability to shower within the first 8 hours of application. Because of extended drying or ‘setting’ times other spray systems require the user to stop normal activities during the first 8 hours. Our scientifically bio-engineered formula is designed to set in the skin in as little as 90 minutes, and therefore practically eliminates the prolonged waiting time required of all other spray tans. In addition, our formula is 100% HYPOALLERGENIC.

  • Alcohol Free
  • Oil Free
  • Fragrance Fee
  • Organic

Because our formula is pure and bio-engineered to your unique skin type, your spray tan will fade just like a natural tan. Unlike other spray systems and their solutions that fade unevenly and very patchy, our formula is guaranteed to fade naturally and evenly. Additionally, the common ‘sunless tan odor’ is virtually non-existent with our formula. You can about normal life without the common problems of fading, smell and delayed living with the revolutionary Solarius Precision Express Sunless tanning process.

How To Get The Best Sunless Tanning Results

  1. Exfoliate prior to doing your sunless application with a Dermasuri Mitt.
  2. Moisturize with a water-based moisturizer daily. The rule of thumb here is to apply your moisturizer as you would normally and then immediately again to keep your skin super hydrated. Spray tan solutions (DHA) use moisture as a catalyst for oxidizing skin cells. Therefore, if you don’t super hydrate your skin, you will be unusually dry and then your results will fade even faster and your once beautiful spray tan will look flat and parched.
  3. Cleanse with a Sulfate Free bath wash. Products like Dove, Irish Spring etc. are products made with Sulfates. Sulfates act like bleach to spray tanned skin and will cause you to loose your results much more quickly and have dried out skin.
  • Do not use exfoliating products such as St. Ives, Origins, Aveeno, Oil of Olay, Bath & Body Works, or Mary Kay. These and many more types of exfoliating products inherently leave behind an invisible residue that will result in uneven application of sunless solution. Think of it as a barrier to the solution and your skin.
  • Clean and exfoliated skin will make a more even and much longer lasting result in addition to a less patchy end result when your sunless tan begins to fade.

4. Begin again with step one to have a consistent ongoing lifestyle of beautiful tanned skin.

“Matrix Tanning is quick, easy, and extremely efficient when it comes to a beautiful sun-kissed glow in a hurry ☺. The fruit H2O is a great addition. Very refreshing when I tan. I just love it!”
~Ricki Hockenhull