Flawless diamonds are one in a million, but MRI’S Black Diamond has made luxury tanning now within reach. This rare, prestige gem is a cut above the rest providing brilliant black onyx bronzing technology helping you achieve color beyond your wildest dreams, but also packs a punch of the highest concentrations of skin nutrients such as Pro Vitamin B5, Ester of Vitamin C, Vitamin E. In addition, cutting edge anti-aging ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000, Allantoin, Acai Berry Oil, Reservatrol, Grape Seed Oil, Sepitonic, Idebenone, Biodynes,and Astaxanthin firming agents, tanning technologies, dark spot corrector and anti-reddening fighters. Luminous diamond dust and champagne extracts bathe the skin in extra hydration and imperfection masking benefits.Treat your skin to the royalty it deserves… You are as rare as diamonds, and this is the Louis Vuitton of tanning products!

A specific product for every tanning need with a menu of exclusive Melanocyte Energizers™ producing the highest levels of melanin and other tan enhancing benefits. For savvy people whose lives are enhanced with the newest cutting edge technology, they demand high performance, high efficiency products without sacrificing skin care.

Mineralized make up for the body and face; combines the perfection of an immediate mineral tan with the latest discoveries in the science of tanning. Immediate flawless, radiant tan while energizing the skin, for a deeper UV tan. Superb skin and tan enhancement, Silicone Emulsion, Aloe, Shea and Cocoa Butter, Walnut and Sunflower Oil, improve the overall well being of the skin.

Looking for the perfect tanning optimizer? Then look no further than PURE. Pure will transform even the driest of skin and leave you with silky, soft, bronzed results without the use of added self-tanners. The new advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 helps to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while caffeine and green tea will energize and fight the appearance of cellulite to keep skin tight and toned, tanned and PURE. Gluten and paraben free, with a pure clean scent at a mid price point. Vegan friendly, non-comedogenic, tested for sensitivity and irritants.

Rejuvenate will transform even the driest of skin and leave you with silky, soft, bronzed results without the use of self-tanners. The new advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 helps to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while caffeine and lavender oil will energize and fight the appearance of cellulite to keep skin tight and toned, tanned and Rejuvenate. Gluten and paraben free, Vegan friendly, non-comedogenic, tested for sensitivity and irritants.

Formulated only for the most discerning clientele, Lumina is the Luxury lotion you have been waiting for! This skincare tanning product pampers the skin with a unique mechanism that helps to delay the natural aging process while reducing collagen loss and enhancing color production. While elite award-winning fat-dissolving agents tighten and tone for the professional results you deserve! Indulgent levels of Natural and DHA black bronzers pamper the skin in sought-after colors only available to the elite users of Lumina. Who said you can’t have it all? With Lumina you don’t have to sacrifice color for content, or skincare for substance. Some will lust after Lumina, and some will be privileged with the product.
Picture-perfect 4K results are now within reach with MRI’s new iBlack 4K! This extra extreme Black bronzing formula will allow for the darkest delayed and instant bronzing results that will always outlast the competition. Anti-orange technologies, tightening and toning agents, and color-boosting additives make iBlack 4K the most superior darkening crème created. 4K vision is here, and its crystal clear! If you are ready to take command of your color – Then Demand iBlack 4K!
Extremely enriching results are now within reach with MRI’s New iDARE2B’s ultra distinct advanced color perfecting formulation! This exclusively innovative break-through technology will leave your skin ultra-hydrated for high-definition results with the use of captivating, flawless dark bronzers and daringly dark skin-perfecting agents! Alluring Champagne extracts, potent tattoo and color fade protectors, plus Color correcting blue tansy will counteract any orange tones in the skin to leave you with flawless, airbrush results after every session. Dark tan activators, plus fast-acting skin-firming agents work overtime on your color, so you don’t have to! Do you Dare2B bold enough to take your color to the next level?
This blue hued dark tanning optimizer is reserved exclusively for the tanning elite! pH Balancers allow iLegend to be the leading lotion for use in all light hues! Champion color correctors, optimal oil absorbers, and affluent anti-inflammatory agents work overtime to deliver the first-class results your skin requires! Legendary hyaluronic acid boosters, appearance-improving toning and tightening agents, along with vital vitamins and nourishing nutrients allow you to achieve the high-profile results reserved only for a Legend!
Fit in wherever you go with iChameleon™’s revolutionary formula that is designed with anti-aging and cellulite-fighting ingredients to keep your skin tight and toned! Added tattoo and color fade protectors help keep the color & luster of your tan and tattoos. Coconut oils and coffee bean extracts are paired together to keep your skin at superior hydration levels while blocking free radical damage. Multiple melanin maximizers along with caramel extract bronzing agents work together to achieve deep dark results!
Let MRI iCoco™ be your color connection on your passport to paradise! This intoxicating vacation in a bottle utilizes dark DHA-free natural bronzers to develop a just-from-the-beach bronze without the use of self-tanning agents. Coconut water and coconut oils help nourish skin with super soft hydration while added cactus water drenches the skin with essential nutrients helping provide a no-trip-needed tropical tan. Take a break for bronze, your skin deserves the vacation!
iParadise™ uses an exclusive formula that is blended with multiple melanin stimulants to help you achieve quicker and darker tanning results. Infused with Blue-Green Algae leaving your skin revived and rejuvenated while Matcha Green Tea, Pineapple & Mango Extract, Coconut & Argon Oil, and intense-slimming caffeine work together to leave your skin feeling hydrated, tight, and toned. After all-Paradise isn’t a place… It’s a feeling!
If you are ready to put your best face forward then you need iFace PLUS! This multiuse formula was created to enhance your facial tanning results while also lifting, toning and promoting collagen production. This Mattifying color correcting serum is designed to provide the skin with the vitamins and nutrients for the health and wellness of your delicate facial skin. While also reducing discoloration, and brightening skins tone. If what you desire is flawless, airbrushed results… Face it, it doesn’t get better than iFace Plus!