Rejuvenate Your Skin – Detox Your Body – Feel Renewed

Submerge yourself in the Solarius Wellness infrared sauna Pod and rejuvenate your entire body. You’ll attain softer more youthful looking skin
– in addition to a longer lasting, and darker tan. The Wellness Pod’ use of radiant heat, steam, liquid vitamins and LED technology, cleans and hydrates your skin
– all in a comfortable and relaxing capsule controlled by you. It’s called HYDROFUSION™.

Hydrofusion Technology

  • Radiant Heat delivered at your body’s own natural far infra-red frequency.
  • Vasodilation – increasing blood circulation and reducing blood pressure.
  • Steam detoxifies the skin and body.
  • Choose from four Oxygen Science™ Concentrates that are transported into the dermis.
  • Refreshing results leave you with clean, balanced, hydrated and detoxified skin.

Easy to Use

  • Choose either 20 or 30 minute sessions.
  • LCD display is easy to use allowing you to control your own experience.
  • Temperature, vibration, and music all at the touch of a button.

“Solarius is the best thing I’ve done in ages, I’m loving it!
~J. Robinson