Solarius Spa 38 Years of History

Scott Bushey founded Solarius Spa, originally known as Sun Center of America, in September of 1985 with a vision of enhancing the guest experience, the enlightened application of light. Providing convenient, comfortable and innovative sun tanning technologies, Solarius Spa was the first of its kind and continues today to lead the industry with innovative services, beautiful facilities, and an unmatched guest experience.

Established in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Solarius Spa positioned itself to provide services to guests whom prefer a sophisticated lifestyle. As an early leader in the market, Solarius Spa was the first tanning facility to offer 30 minute tanning sessions, a 100% increase in efficiency over earlier tanning technologies allowing guests to obtain a tan in half the time of conventional systems of the day.

With its precedent set, Solarius Spa continued to maintain market dominance by adding new equipment, becoming the first to introduce 20 minute tanning sessions, then 12 minute tanning sessions, and Mystic Tan automated sunless tanning. With each new technology Solarius Spa work towards saving our guests’ time, allowing them to tan with fewer visits and providing a more enjoyable experience. The addition of new technologies also provided a wider range of price points allowing Solarius to provide services to a larger market.

In 1993 Solarius Spa introduced designer sunglasses, international brands like Prada, Gucci, and Versace, giving Solarius an additional advantage in the market, raising its level of brand recognition, and further distancing the competition. As business grew the facility did too, expanding the original location from eight rooms to 15.

In 2005 new technologies such as LED Red Light Therapy were introduced to begin a new era in light therapy treatments for anti-aging and age reversing. This proven therapy was originally developed to energize and heal traumatized skin. The natural side affect was the additional production of Collagen in the treated area. Please see Facial Red Light Therapy.

In 2007 the introduction of Solarix technology brought new light for faster, longer lasting tanning treatments that are literally 10x faster and gentler than conventional tanning methods. While these systems are considerably more expensive to operate and manage, the benefits to the end user are significant and worth the added expense. Please see Tanning Services and UV therapy.

In 2008 the Wellness Pod introduced Hydofusion with 5 skin/body therapy modalities combined into a single 20 or 30 minute user controlled process. Please see Wellness Pod.

In 2016 the 7th generation spray tanning system named the Precision Express was introduced to provide a much needed improvement to the spray tanning experience. Rather than being in a closed box and getting gassed-out by sunless solution, an open environment is significantly more enjoyable and more effective. Please see Precision Express.

New for 2017 brings the introduction of our specialized and custom facial services. Solarius facials usher in an alternative to injections, or plastic surgery for facial rejuvenation and age-reversing. Please see Facials.

Stop in to experience Solarius and you’ll understand why we are the 21st Century Spa.

“My favorite treatment is the Wellness Pod, because I know I am caring for my mental and physical health. My skin has never felt so good!”
~Cathy Loveday