Walk into one of the Solarius Spas and take time for yourself. Look and feel your personal best for every occasion by allowing our personal stylist to empower you to become the best authentic you- no fillers, no plastic, no chemicals! This is not your typical Albuquerque day spa, but rather a whole new approach to spa services we call a 21st Century Lifestyle Spa.

We believe in you. Others say “impossible” and we say: “I’m possible and so are you.” With the right light energy and technology served with certifiable care, we empower you to reveal the substantive YOU below the surface, naturally beautiful and thoughtfully transformed.

We will ensure you make the right technology and product choices that are as unique as you, with our certified and courteous staff guiding you through our personal service offerings all the while you experience sumptuous accommodations in our beautiful Solarius environment.

With the flexibility of Solarius Spas’ pricing, technology and guarantee, we make it easy, affordable and convenient for you to look and be your best everyday! Most day spa’s in Albuquerque offer services that give therapeutic benefits, but the results are typically short lived. To gain lasting therapeutic benefits it’s necessary to continue services with sufficient frequency.

Albuquerque spas don’t provide services with a flat monthly fee schedule for unlimited treatments. Therefore, most spa guests use a spa as a special once-in-a-while experience because frequent use is often cost prohibitive. The truth is, lasting life changing benefits of therapy can only be achieved with frequent use. Because we understand these truths, Solarius offers over 400 pricing options including a flat monthly fee option that affords unlimited use of services so you can achieve lasting therapeutic benefits.

With our 21st Century Lifestyle Spa, you get all the experience of a day spa with services priced and delivered for on-going therapeutic results. While a day spa in Albuquerque can provide you with a therapeutic and enjoyable experience, none can provide consistently personalized spa services, without an appointment, for a flat monthly fee, and designed to enjoy frequently as a lifestyle. That is the Solarius experience centered on empowering you to be your very best.

Rates for our services begin at $30.00 per month on membership.

Your private therapy suite includes:

The very best technology available in the world today across all therapy options offered.

Luxurious and well appointed with upholstered chairs, handmade furniture from around the world, unique artworks, and beautiful calm lighting.

Complimentary excellent coffee, fruit infused purified water and chocolates allow you to relax while enjoying a few moments to yourself.

Dry and moistened towels including a plush Solarius robe for your convenience.

Feel assured knowing our facility is meticulously sanitized with hospital grade disinfectants that are safe for you and the environment.

Our linens are laundered and purified with environmentally safe and chemical free technology based on silver ionization and UV-light.

“Coming to Solarius is a great break from my day and is really the only place to go!”
~Sarrah Dorr