Warm up your smile, with Solarius’ Teeth Whitening system. Up to six shades whiter teeth in just 30 minutes. Our system provides real teeth whitening and stain removal – without a dentist or dentist prices. The Solarius Teeth Whitening system affords a safe, comfortable and personalized teeth whitening method without causing tooth sensitivity.

Step deeper into this section and learn more about the Solarius Teeth Whitening system. You’ll get all the information to make the right decision – explaining our methodology – light, pressure, heat, exposure and how we compare to other teeth whitening systems.

Methodology: Light – Pressure – Heat – Exposure

Neutral pH peroxide gel provides a safe and comfortable experience without sensitivity.
Light accelerates the stain removal process by increasing the conversion of hydrogen peroxide to hydroxyl radicals.
Mild pressure created with the use of a gel filled lens, forces a safe carbamide peroxide gel into the structure of the tooth.
Heat generated from the body combined with 560 nanometers of light further activates powerful hydroxyl radicals.
Exposure of two, back to back sessions, 12 to 15 minutes each, is sufficient to dramatically whiten your teeth 4 to 6 shades.

Compare Solarius Teeth Whitening

Dentist teeth whitening procedures typically cost between $400 – $600, and often require multiple appointments.
Home teeth whitening systems can take up to 14 days for maximum results and usually cause tooth sensitivity.
Whitening Strip systems provide minimal results only 3 – 4 shades lighter and almost always cause tooth sensitivity.
Solarius’ Teeth Whitening service guarantees you up to 6 shades of whiter teeth in just 30 minutes without tooth sensitivity.

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